Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Brinsbury Equestrian College Looking for Loan horses

Lisa from Brinsbury, Horses wanted on loan, we have space for 3 horses above 15.1hh that have 3 good paces, jump up to 2”6 and would like a 5 star loving caring home. The only thing the owners need to do is keep there insurance going we cover everything else it really is a good deal. Many thanks Lisa contact details: 07554151012

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  1. I have a pony I need to find a good placement for. He is too insecure to hack out but loves a school environment and really enjoys jumping. I unfortunately do not have the time or resources at present as my mother has cancer and I have had to give up working to look after her. The only problem is he's smaller than you are asking at 14hh but he is very willing. I have had to move him and my mare to a farm with little opportunity to ride either of them durning the winter months but she doesn't need to be in constant work like he does. My phone number is 07955 618172 please call me if you could use him.